Signature Monogram Charm Necklace - 3/4in.
Signature Monogram Charm Necklace - 3/4in.
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Signature Monogram Engraved Necklace - Large 3/4"

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Signature Monogram Engraved Necklace – A simple classic style with a sleek and sophisticated finish. Crafted with care from the finest materials made in the USA. Highly personal and timeless, it can be boldly worn alone or layered with a few other delicate chains. Our favorite essential jewelry piece you can share your everyday moments with. 

3/4 in. / 19mm

  • 14k gold filled / Sterling Silver materials
  • Custom made item
  • Complimentary gift wrapping service Details

When selecting your initials, please select the first, second and third letters as you'd like them to appear from left to right.

For two-letter monogram, select -BLANK- on the center letter box. Two-letter monogram will be centered and engraved as two larger same-sized letters on your charm.

For single letter engraving, select -BLANK- on the left and right letter boxes. Single letter engraving will be centered and engraved as one large letter on your charm.

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